fire-resistance cable

Use an amplifier with a tilt compensator

  It can be caused by your TV receiving a local station broadcasting over the air and via the cable system at the same time. Make sure you are using good quality RG-6 coax cable and good compression fire-resistance cable fittings. Replace any low quality cable splitters or combiners with high quality units. Make sure they are tight also. This will also cure another cause of ghosting, signal reflection inside a poor cable.Ghosting can also be caused by multi-path interference on an antenna system.

This is especially true in an urban environment with lots of hills and tall buildings. To combat this, use a very directional antenna aimed directly at the desired station.Herringbone Pattern ?A herringbone pattern is caused by radio frequency interference from other stations transmitting on the same channel or adjacent channels, powerful radio signals, computers, etc. Another common cause is being equidistant from two transmitters operating on the same channel.

In short, this can be caused by just about any sort of RF radiation at the correct frequency. Really great shielding found on high quality cables helps to combat this. If you are getting this interference while modulating an A/V source on a certain channel, try switching to a different channel.Poor Upper Channel Reception ?Poor Upper Channel Reception is caused by poor signal strength on the upper channels. Use an amplifier with a tilt compensator that allows adjustment of the upper channels relative to the lower channels. This will prevent overdriving the lower channels while providing the upper channels with enough gain.

Also, check to see if all components in the RF system are rated to at least 1GHz and RG-6 or RG-6Quad shield cable is being used throughout.Bio: Steve Faber has almost 15 years in the custom installation industry. He is a CEDIA certified designer and Installer 2 with certifications from both the ISF and THX. His experience spans many facets of the industry, from the trenches as an installer and control systems programmer, and system designer, to a business unit director for a specialty importer of high end audio video equipment, a sales rep for a large, regional consumer electronics distributor, and principal of a $1.5M+ custom installation firm. He currently is senior sales engineer for Digital Cinema Design in Redmond, WA.

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The Play Station Portable has revolutionized the world of gaming

  A Guide to the PSP

  This system made its debut back in November of 2009, claiming to be the best upgrade to the PSP family yet. Intending to be a decent alternative to the PSP 3000 model, it was quickly discovered that the Go would be a digital downloads only system.

  This avoids the problem of having a bunch of random cases lying around, with the UMD running the risk of getting scratched, or getting lost in the house somewhere, or having the manual lost or torn, so on and so forth. It will also avoid the problem of a retailer running out a copy before one is able to get to the store and buy it, because the Internet cannot run out of copies.

  Aesthetically, the Go is pretty well rounded. It also comes with a hard drive spaced up to 16 GB, which can hold about 15 to 30 games, depending on the size of the games. For instance, it is, as previously mentioned, digital download only. This means that all those Universal Media Discs that were bought for that previous PSP model are all rendered irrelevant. The new analog nub design is a bit awkward and difficult to use because it is a bit stiff, but after some usage, it relaxes.

  Sony realised that load times were awful for games playing from a disc, but had the load times drastically lessened after installing the game to the memory stick.

  Upgrade Your PSP

  The PlayStation Portable has revolutionized the world of gaming. Also called PSP, this handheld game console has taken the world of computer games by storm. It is a multifunctional device that allows users to not only play games, but also watch videos, listen to their favorite music and it stores pictures as well! PSP firmware ensures the smooth running of every PSP. It is very important to note, that in order to upgrade the PSP, you need to download firmware updates that correspond to the specific region. This PSP upgrade gives users many features that provide a whole new dimension to the usage of PSP. The process of upgrading comes with a few essential requirements.

If you are looking to upgrade using the services of the PC then you must have prerequisites like, a PSP with a battery pack, a minimum of 20 MB of free space on the Memory Stick, and a good Internet connection. You can also use a USB cable instead of the memory stick. Once you download the upgrade on the PC, the next step would be to transfer the firmware upgrade onto the PSP. This can be done using the USB cable or the memory stick. Users must insert the cable of the Memory stick in the PSP and start updating. Furthermore, an AC adaptor must connect the PSP to an electricity point. While upgrading the PSP, there must be no stoppages in the process. If the upgrade stops midway, it might just damage the PSP.

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